Advanced Astronomy

This course offers further education on the subject to those who have completed their GCSE level. Read below for more information.

What is The Advanced Astronomy Course?

The advanced astronomy Course offers further education on the subject to those who have completed their GCSE level or have some astronomy knowledge. The course will allow you to build up a portfolio of work that demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of astronomy.

Previously I have had students who have entered Higher Education courses based on their achievement of the Advanced Astronomy certificate.

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Who is the Course For?

Long distance advanced astronomy courses

As all my courses are correspondence courses it does not matter where in the world you live you can enrol and complete the course. You do not have to attend any classes as part of the astronomy courses.

I am happy to take calls out of hours to assist my students or answer any questions. You can contact me by phone, email or live chat for support with your course at any time.

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What does the course entail?

The course is broken down in to twelve lessons, divided over four sections with three lessons per section. You can download the full syllabus on the pdf.

Each lesson consists of an assignment which contains descriptive and numerical questions regarding the topics of the lessons. You can complete each assignment in your own time and return to me to be assessed.

As part of the coursework required you will be asked to submit a detailed account of three projects that you have completed within the course.

The assignments and final test are not intended to be completed in exam conditions. You are invited to research from notes, books and other sources to complete the questions.

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What Do I Need to Complete the Course?

Handbook is available from British Astronomical Association (BAA),
Burlington House,
W1V 9AG.
Telephone 0171 734 4145
(about £9.00 to non-BAA members)

Cost and Enrollment

The Advanced Astronomy course is based on a two-year completion working on six lessons per annum. However, this is not restricted, you are free to work at your own pace so if you wish to complete the course sooner you are welcome to or spread the course over a longer time. You can enroll in this course at any time in the year.

The cost of the course is broken down in to the four sections of three lessons. Each section is priced at £60.00 for UK residents and £80.00 per section for those residing outside of the UK.

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Advanced Astronomy Course

Enrol by post

Complete enrolment Form and send a Bankers Cheque or PO to “Planet Earth Education” for the appropriate amount. Send these to: Planet Earth Education, 45 Willow Avenue, Middleton, Manchester, M24 2HE. Download and print the form below:

Advanced Astronomy Enrolment Form (Post Only)