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Planet Earth Education offers an easy process for Astronomy Course Enrolment, start your course today and complete it in your own home at your own pace.

Astronomy Course Enrolment – Who can take the courses?

The Astronomy course enrolment is open to pretty much anyone with an interest in astronomy. All the astronomy courses I offer at Planet Earth Education are designed to take anyone’s interest in astronomy and develop it into a healthy knowledge of the subject. I can tutor any age range and tailor the support to suit the learner’s needs and requirements.

I have had an extensive student spectrum from assisting and supporting parents in-home tutoring their children to helping the older generation develop their hobby in retirement. My courses are available for both beginner and amateur astronomer, or home educator packs.

Astronomy Course Enrolment

How Long Do the Courses Take?

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The courses can be completed at your own pace. You can enrol at any time of the year and complete each assignment in a time frame you chose. Even if you do not complete your course within a year, this is not an issue and there certainly wouldn’t be any additional enrolment fees.

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How much does it cost?

Each course is priced individually, you can choose your course below and see the prices. The cost of the majority of the courses can be spread over the duration of the course. You can pay as you go for individual assignments. I accept PayPal as payment and you can pay for the courses below when you chose your course. Alternatively, you can send a banker’s cheque or PO to “Planet Earth Education” for the appropriate amount.

Send these to: Planet Earth Education, 45 Willow Avenue, Middleton, Manchester, M24 2HE

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What are the additional materials required?

The materials required can be found on the individual courses below. Along with links to suggested retailers.

Choose your course

Click on the course you are interested in below for more details and to enrol;

GSCE Course

This course costs £150 for students based in the UK and £180 to those based outside of the UK.

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PEC Astronomy

PEC astronomy is £120 for students based in the UK and £150 to those based outside of the UK.

Check out the course here

Advanced Astronomy

Four sections with each priced at £60.00 for UK residents and £80.00 per section for those outside of the UK.

More information here

Nature of the Stars and Planets

These courses are just a one-off fee of £70.00 for UK residents and £110 for anyone residing outside of the UK.

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On behalf of the Chief Examiner, I am very pleased to inform you that A.H. was amongst the highest scoring in the summer 2005 examination. Out of 759, this candidate was amongst the top ten who achieved the highest overall marks in Astronomy and we would like to offer our congratulations on this excellent performance.

On behalf of the Chief Examiner