Nature of the Stars and Planets

Enrol in the Nature of the stars, and the Nature of the planets astronomy courses online. Bringing the fun to learning with Planet Earth Education.

What are the Nature of the Stars and Planets courses?

The Nature of the Stars and The Nature of the Planets are two separate courses. Neither of the courses are taken to achieve a qualification, they are simply for the fun of learning. These courses are designed to be fun, to give you a better understanding of astronomy and learn from your armchair.

Although you are not working towards a qualification, you will be awarded a Nature of the Stars Practical Astronomy Certificate or Nature of the Planets Practical Astronomy Certificate.

Advanced astronomy courses

Who are the courses for?

Learn astronomy

Anyone can enjoy these courses you don’t need any previous knowledge of astronomy. Whether you are simply looking to take your first steps into astronomy or just want to investigate the subject further, these courses can help. They are especially helpful to home educators as they are a light introduction to the GCSE Astronomy course a pre-GCSE as such.

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What do the courses entail?

Both courses consist of ten lessons each including 20 pages broken down as follows;

  • Notes – All the notes will be fully explained and easy to read
  • Information – The information given will be clearly displayed and easy to follow
  • Diagrams – This will help you understand the information
  • Charts – Displaying the information
  • Templates – The templates will be ready for you to cut out
  • Star Maps – The star maps are detailed and useful when completing these courses.
  • Additional fun exercises for you to complete.

Each lesson will have an answer sheet included. Once you have worked through each exercise and written your answers in to the appropriate spaces on the lesson notes, you should transfer all your answers on to the answer sheet and return to me for assessment. You will receive your marked answer sheet along with any feedback with your next lesson.

Long distance advanced astronomy courses

What you will need;

  • Glue stick.
  • Pair of scissors.
  • Pair of compasses.
  • 30 cm ruler.
  • Protractor.
  • Two A4 ring binders.
  • Hole punch.
  • A calculator will be useful.
  • A surface such as cork notice board or layered cardboard to pin maps.

The cost of the courses

The courses are just a one-off fee of £70.00 for UK residents and £110 for anyone residing outside of the UK. You can pay online with PayPal or by post with bankers cheque or Postal Order.

Nature of the planets

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Nature of the stars

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The Nature of the Planets Course

This course is made up of fun lessons, which may ask you to complete exercises such as making cardboard models using the cut-out templates. You will be surprised as to what you can learn from putting together these models and they will become useful to you in future projects.

There will be lessons that mimic the work that historically led to the discoveries made about the solar system. They are designed to allow you to make the same discoveries for yourself.

The syllabus

Download the syllabus
Astronomy tutor

The Nature of the Stars course

Nature of the Stars

A fun course which allows includes exercises such as taking measurements, cutting out templates to create paper models which will become useful tools to your learning during this course. Other exercises can include drawing diagrams and your own star map.

Working through each lesson you may be asked to complete tasks such as cutting templates and making paper models, counting stars, basic sums and drawing your own sky map.

The Syllabus

Download the syllabus

How to Enroll by Post

To enrol by post please download and fill in our enrollment form and send it along with a Bankers Cheque or PO to “Planet Earth Education” for the appropriate amount. Send these to: Planet Earth Education, 45 Willow Avenue, Middleton, Manchester, M24 2HE. To enrol online click here. Download the enrolment forms below (post only):